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About Me

Madison - Owner


Welcome to Sugar Press! My name is Madison.

Baking and planning events have always been my happy place. I'm a firm believer in making things as special and meaningful as possible for those around me. There is nothing that I love more than delivering food to someone and seeing their face light up! That is what Sugar Press is all about!


We print what matters most to you on a homemade DELICIOUS cookie.


Whether it's your company's logo to get the word out about your amazing biz.. or your fabulous wedding.. exciting baby shower.. cheering for your favorite sports team.. or remembering a loved one with a memorial cookie. I'm here for it all! 

I look forward to listening to your stories and helping create custom cookies that will make your big day special! 

P.S. That adorable little sou chef is my son, Benny. Baseball cookies were a must at his Rookie of the Year Birthday Party. 

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